Providing a range of business consulting services for entrepreneurs, executives and investors.

Early Stage Development

Helping Your Business Grow

We develop new companies by partnering
technology entrepreneurs with business
experts, technology experts and
seed stage investors.

Early Stage

Business Growth Planning

Taking Your Business to the Next Level

There are many ways to grow your business and we assist at
evaluating and analyzing the proper way to catapult your
business to reach its maximum potential.

Business Growth Planning

Capital Needs Assessment

Long-Term Planning and Success

When is the right time to bring in investors and what are the right terms? How can I use bank
and mezzanine financing productively? This key planning phase sets the tone for your company’s long-term planning and success. We help you avoid doing things in the early stage that
later come back to haunt emerging businesses.

Capital Needs Assessment

Franchise Consulting

Helping You Navigate the Process of Franchising

The difference between having a successful business and a
successful franchise is enormous. We lead our clients through
the complexities of successfully franchising a business.

There are many necessary components that go into building
a franchise company. We help you find the path.

Franchise Consulting

Selected Ventures

A Proud Tradition of Success

We partner with entrepreneurs and management teams to build market-leading companies.
Selected Ventures

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