The process of successfully franchising a business is complex and time-consuming. We help you find the way.

Franchise Consulting

Franchising your business is an excellent route to fast growth. The most important factor in deciding to franchise your business is determining what kind of business you have, and whether or not your concept and operating system are franchisable.

Is your business profitable? Can it be easily duplicated and scaled? Are there investors willing to buy your business? What’s your competitive advantage? Do you have a solid set of systems and procedures in place?

We help business owners evaluate their business, and get answers to these important questions.

Franchising allows companies to expand rapidly, without as much debt, risk and cost of capital. However, franchising your business is not an automatic ticket to success.

Many new franchisors quickly find they have entered into a completely different business. We help business owners navigate the new challenges that come with franchising and learn the needed skills to ensure your franchise is a success.