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Virtual Incubation Corporation

Virtual Incubation Company is a technology venture development firm. We work with young companies that own innovative technology with significant commercial potential. By partnering technology entrepreneurs with business and technology experts and knowledgeable investors, we provide the companies with senior management experience, knowledge of technology company start-up, and proven processes to execute business strategies.

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BlueInGreen offers equipment that incorporates an innovative new approach for cost effective dissolved oxygen delivery. The supersaturated dissolved oxygen (or SDOX™) systems offer low capital and operating costs, precisely controlled delivery of dissolved oxygen at a wide range of target concentrations, ease of operation, and virtually 100% gas utilization efficiency (no off-gassing) for wastewater treatment and other environmental water applications. Up to 80% operating cost savings have been documented as compared to conventional oxygen delivery technology.

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Sport Clips Haircuts

The first Sport Clips prototype was opened in 1993 in Austin, Texas by Founder and CEO, Gordon Logan. Based on its immediate success, Gordon and his team spent over 2 years refining every aspect of the Sport Clips haircut franchises before beginning to franchise additional locations in 1995 and inaugurating what has become a very successful company, listed in the top 100 franchises. Today, Sport Clips has more than 650 locations in 36 states, with more locations opening every week.

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Staffmark has a long and successful history in the staffing industry. Founded in 1970, we have now grown to be one of the top ten commercial staffing companies in the United States. Staffmark has a reputation for outstanding customer service, and we are committed to matching quality companies with only the most skilled and talented candidates, the first time, and every time!

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Edgewater Technologies

Edgewater Technology is a technology management consulting firm providing a synergistic blend of specialty Information Technology services primarily in the North American market. We have the proven expertise to plan, deliver and manage integration services that improve performance and maximize business results. Our proven expertise enables us to bring complex technologies and systems together while minimizing risk, leveraging our clients' technology investments and delivering tailored solutions.

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Coro Health

Coro Health is a media and technology service provider for the geriatric healthcare industry that delivers customized media solutions for residents, and market-differentiating services for facilities. Our system serves an important role in an individual’s plan-of-care, offering tools to create a better quality of life. Coro Health provides certification training, education, resident intervention, software, hardware and technology implementation.

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SFC Fluidics

SFC Fluidics, LLC is focused on the development of unique microfluidic technologies that enable ever more powerful miniaturized analytical tools, laboratories-on-a-chip, clinical diagnostics, and life science research instruments. SFC Fluidics' patented and patent pending microfluidic pumping technologies provide controlled, reliable fluid flow and liquid delivery in the challenging nanoliter-per-minute to microliter-per-minute flow range.

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Biologics MD

The risk of a woman over the age of fifty dying from an osteoporosis-related fracture is greater than the risk of her dying from breast, uterine, and ovarian cancer combined. BiologicsMD is developing a new prescription osteoporosis solution based on a unique patent-pending compound that binds to bone and stimulates new bone growth thereby reversing osteoporosis. Pre-clinical animal studies demonstrate that it is three times more effective at increasing bone density than the leading medication with no observed side effects. 2008 revenues for prescription osteoporosis medications exceeded $9 billion globally and $2 billion in the U.S.

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Car Solutions

Car Solutions is family owned and operated with over 50 years of automotive experience. Our professional courteous staff is ready to serve you. Car Solutions have two easy ways to drive a vehicle today with a purchase plan and in-house financing available. We now offer an all new lease-to-own plan with tax and tag included. It's so easy you can drive away today and feel confident you are getting the best deal offered in the automotive business today.

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